eCommerce Analytics are about to get a whole lot better…

Do you find Google Analytics confronting? It’s about time eCommerce stores got an analytics solution that’s easy-to-use and designed for them…

Have you ever found yourself googling something like “eCommerce analytics” or “google analytics alternative” or “google analytics alternative for eCommerce”?

Well, that’s something I’ve done plenty of times and yet there’s never been anything that showed up and looked like the answer to my problems.

I think it’s about time someone changed that.

We’re working on an eCommerce Analytics tool that isn’t confronting (unlike Google Analytics) and that puts all the information you want right at your fingertips. Imagine it as analytics where the insights are right in front of you instead of just the data.

It’s about time eCommerce businesses had an analytics tool that was as good for them as Mixpanel and Kissmetrics are for mobile apps and SaaS providers.

If your eCommerce store needs this product: Read more about HelloMetrics

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